About us

Welcome to UN.LIMITED

The UN.LIMITED is not just your common shoe retailer. Instead, UN.LIMITED is a brand that offers LIFESTYLE, EXCLUSIVE and ATHLEISURE footwear from a wide range of renowned International Prestige Brands you know and love.

UN.LIMITED offers LIFESTYLE footwear with appealing design, which fits into everyone’s own ideal version of you. It’s not about giving you the best design of a perfect walking shoes, but to deliver you a pair of shoes that will make you walk with style.

UN.LIMITED carry EXCLUSIVE range of exquisite and collectable footwear, with some limited edition carefully curated for customers’ picks. ATHLEISURE is another added feature element, which mean our footwear is comfortable and versatile for multiple activities in a day.

UN.LIMITED is born with Lifestyle, Exclusive and Athleisure in mind for a perfect store with personalized stories for everyone.

Choose from among athletics, sandals, slip-on loafers, sneakers and accessories from renowned international prestige brands, such as Adidas Original, Puma Sport style Prime, Asics, Nike NSW, New Balance, and New Era.